Set Ups

All good guitar players know that a good set up makes a great guitar.  I offer standard set up services from £60 so that you can really get the most out of your new (or not so new) guitar.

Fret Jobs


I offer a very accurate and professional fretlevelling and crowning service. Once I have finished the crowning and polishing I will re-string your guitar with either strings you provide or the Ernie Balls I usually have in stock. I will then play and adjust the set up of your guitar until it plays the best it can according to your requested set up, style and needs.

This service usually comes in around £120 but prices can vary depending on the condition of your frets and sometimes you can get away with a simple polish.

Other Services

I offer a range of full guitar services, including clean up, fixing any issues with the electrics, upgrading hardware such as pickups, machine heads, bridges and tremolos.

As these jobs can vary significantly, I provide a quote upon discussion / inspection of the instrument and won't surprise you with any extras that may arise when I'm in the guts of the guitar unless specifically agreed with you in advance.