This surf green strat really was a labour of love and probably (but how can I choose!) my favourite guitar in my collection.  I just couldn't let it go!

This has a swamp ash body (from Tommy and the guys at USACG - one of my most trusted partners for quality wood) with a nitro finish, which as you can see below was a lot of fun to do!

The neck has an asymentrical back profile giving you a little more access to the fret board on the higher strings while leaving a nice amount of mass on the bass side. 

All topped off with fantastic electrics and hardware:

  • A Wudtone Constant Pivot Vintage trem bridge gives classic tone and looks but lets you attack the guitar as if you were Jeff beck himself and remain perfectly in tune!
  • The late 50s styyle pickups are from Vaughn Skow in Nashville, they just don't get any better than these where era specific classic tones go! Full of character, detail and very touch sensative. 
  • Schaller locking tuners and a hand made bone nut top this guitar off to be an extremely toneful and articulate example of a classic Strat.

Contact me for more details.