The 50s T-Style Reveal!


Here's the big reveal of the completed product - my vintage inspired 50s T-Style guitar.

Now before I continue, vintage purists may point out that this is not 100% vintage correct, for example using Gotoh SGS510Z machine heads which I simply find unbeatable in terms of tuning stability.  My personal ethos is to build a guitar that looks, feels and plays the best in can.  Whilst this is vintage inpsired, not everything is vintage correct, but it certainly looks and sounds the part!


Contact me if you’re interested in a custom build.

Now time to get learning more country licks!


What I Used - More Detail (for those that might be interested!)

Body & Neck: USA Custom Guitars (swamp ash body, maple neck)

Guitar Body Finish: Wudtone oils (combination of Olympic Girl White and Goldenrod Yellow oils with clear gloss topcoat)
Wudtone Finishing Kits

Pickups: Vaughn Skow (1957 Historic Telecaster Set)
Vaughn Skow

Bridge: Callaham (ash tray style vintage bridgewith compensated brass saddles)
Callaham Guitars

Machine Heads: Gotoh (SGS510Z 1:18 gear ration, X-nickel finish)