Vaughn Skow

Vintage 50s Style Tele - Pups and BRIDGE

I'm slightly loathed to let you all in on this find, but then that wouldn't be fair to you or to Vaughn Skow, who is winding the most amazing vintage style pickups over in Nashville, Tennessee.

Vaughn is, in his own words, a "bona-fied, certified transducer nut!". All of his designs are from the truly golden period of electric guitar design, 1954-1969 and he uses the finest materials available, and (again in his words not mine!) makes the pickups with a "fanatical attention to detail and precision.".

I have tried many of his pups are they have all impressed massively (and I've been through a lot of boutique winders in my time). The tone you can get out of them is out of this world.  For my personal preferred style and tone he is now my go to guy for pickups.  For this vintage inspired build I chose the perfectly suited 1957 Historic Telecaster® Set.


For the bridge I've opted for the ash tray style vintage bridge from Callaham with compensated brass saddles.

Find out more about Vaughn and his pickups and amps (yes, he makes amps too!) here.